Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sirius Player For Mac!

So today I was browsing thru the apple downloads section and found SiriusMac, which is a slick easy to use Radio Interface that streams Sirius Radio to your mac and it is Free! This is great because normally, I have to open up a browser, navigate to the sirius site, select the player (I have a bookmark but still), login then select the station and there you go. I know it is not much but it is still tedious. I wrote a blog entry on this too because they stream using windows media on their site that didn't work well with my Mac which required me to get Flip4Mac WMV (another great application) and firefox would always send me an alert about a missing plug-in - drove me crazy. As far as Safari, it didn't work great either, sometimes the player would reposition itself - crazy. So lately, I started bringing up Sirius on my PC via parallels, as I always have it on while developing (so imaging the steps just to hear Sirius on my Mac).

This player is great, just go thru the simple set up and bam! You got Sirius radio on your mac (Sirius Subscription Required). I love it! I suggest if you use this app and really appreciate what they've done, that a small donation is made, they deserve it!

The application, I believe was built using python.

To get it just go to the following links...

Apple Downloads


SiriusMac Site

Until next time ...

UPDATE: SiriusMac is programmed entirely in AppleScript Studio.