Friday, April 30, 2010

CS5 Shipping, Trials available for download and the WACK is out!

Well, you probably read this my now but CS5 is finally shipping and trials are available for download now at I already downloaded DW CS5 on my machine and testing to see how it compares to previous versions on my mac. I definitely wish they would of put more love into it for CF9 but oh well. I know, CF Builder is out but honestly I just don't like it.

So go get your trial downloads now !!!!!!!

Now the second topic, the ColdFusion 9 Web Application Construction Kits are available for pre-order from amazon. GO get em .. and please use my links below as it would help me feed my family :-). I hope that they do make eBook version of these for my iPad!

Adobe ColdFusion 9 Web Application Construction Kit, Volume 3: Application Development

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

CS5 Launch Thoughts

So I am sure everyone who is interested already saw the product launch videos and in the least there are a lot of updates that are very cool for the A/V side of things. What I am most excited about is the 64 bits apps especially for Mac, as I do believe they are all native cocoa 64 bit apps now (or I thinks so). I am a bit disappointed in what I saw for Dreamweaver, seems like they are pushing it more for PHP Developers and ColdFusion got no love.

Now I know, we have CFBuilder, but honestly I hate it!!!!!!! I hate the UI! I hate the colors! I hate everything about it! And worse of all it is not included in the Master Collection which is what I am buying/upgrading to.

Honestly, WTF! We get Flash Builder but no CF Builder. I am sure they didn't want to piss off the people who already paid $300, but I still think they should have included it.

Anyways, if anyone reads this blog, let me know your thoughts on yesterday's presentation.