Tuesday, April 13, 2010

CS5 Launch Thoughts

So I am sure everyone who is interested already saw the product launch videos and in the least there are a lot of updates that are very cool for the A/V side of things. What I am most excited about is the 64 bits apps especially for Mac, as I do believe they are all native cocoa 64 bit apps now (or I thinks so). I am a bit disappointed in what I saw for Dreamweaver, seems like they are pushing it more for PHP Developers and ColdFusion got no love.

Now I know, we have CFBuilder, but honestly I hate it!!!!!!! I hate the UI! I hate the colors! I hate everything about it! And worse of all it is not included in the Master Collection which is what I am buying/upgrading to.

Honestly, WTF! We get Flash Builder but no CF Builder. I am sure they didn't want to piss off the people who already paid $300, but I still think they should have included it.

Anyways, if anyone reads this blog, let me know your thoughts on yesterday's presentation.

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