Thursday, April 17, 2014

New Screenshot Discovery on my Mac today

So anyone who knows me knows that I love Macs and recommend them highly to any new or old PC user. One thing I love is how easy it is to take screenshots. There are 4 keyboard shortcuts which I use all the time and they are as follows:

Capture the screen to a file
Capture the screen to the Clipboard
Capture a selection to a file
Capture a selection to the Clipboard

The ones I used the most is the Shift+4 options as I have dual screen and sometimes just need to capture a certain area. When I want to email the screenshot, I use the first option as it creates a PNG for me on the desktop (which is what I have it set to do) or if I want to manipulate in any image editor I use the second value to simply save to my clipboard and then paste it right into the application (saves me from having to open the file and dragging into the document I am working on). OK, so for the discovery when I did Command-Shift-Control-4, my thumb hit the spacebar shortly after by mistake and what appeared now was a camera icon and anytime I was over any window it would highlight the window, which pretty much led me to safely assume that if I click to accept that is what I would get a screenshot of. So I did and that is exactly what happened. I think it is great because now it saved me from even having to set the selection area, if what I originally wanted was a screenshot of the application window.

You can manipulate what you want your screenshots to be saved as using terminal commands or with utilities like Cocktail from Maintain which I recommend purchasing. Any

Interested in learning more keyboard shortcuts for your mac? Click here to see them on Apple's website.