Saturday, September 29, 2012

ColdFusion 10 Mandatory Update

There is a new mandatory update available for ColdFusion 10. This update is required for proper functioning of the auto update functionality in ColdFusion 10. Adobe strongly recommends that you apply this update.

Find out more at:

Download at:

Inform yourself how to run the update:

I already updated my Windows Production, Windows Development and Mac Development Servers and did not notice any hicups. The install requires you to type a command in your command prompt or terminal. Just in case you do not have Java installed on your windows machines you can run the java call from the jre/bin folder inside your ColdFusion10 install folder (You can also add this to your PATH so you can run the java call from anywhere).

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hello, Goodbye - Another iPhone Transition

Well yesterday was a bit of a long day for me and my lack of sleep finally caught up with me so I never opened my new iPhone until this morning. Below are the images of my now old 4S and my new 5 side by side. Shortly I will be calling AT&T to unlock my 4S and post it on eBay so if you know anyone looking for a 4S let me know. By the way the 4S is only a few weeks old as I had it replace at Apple because my old one was acting up, so pretty much new!

Friday, September 14, 2012

New iPhone Pre-Order Time!!!

It is 3AM and the Apple store is still closed and the AT&T Pre-Order Screen just tells me I am eligible for a discounted upgrade but then nothing!!!!!! Ahhhh!!!!!! I will update soon ...


Purchase complete at 3:10AM ... AT&T site sucked and Apple Store ran smoothly ....

Are you excited?

Well with only a few hours to go for the pre-orders to be available for the new iPhone I decided to check my AT&T account and their site apparently was having issues responding and then I got a new countdown landing page.

I do hope the sites are responsive come 3am as I would love this to be quick and painless (except for the pain in my wallet). Apparently AT&T won't be giving early adopters the reduced upgrade price, which in my opinion is bullshit and truly sucks. But honestly I have to say AT&T still offers the best service for iPhone as Verizon and Sprint still won't be able to give their users the ability to surf the internet and be on a call at the same time. Also, I love the new shared data plans for families, it has saved me over $60 a month and that is with adding the kids iPad to the plan.

Anyways, are you excited? Well, I am and you can call me a sheep or an Apple fan boy but I don't care, because the truth is I love Apple products and I will continue to support their ingenuity for as long as they keep creating amazing products.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

iPhone 5 is here .. almost!!!!!

Definitely another update that is extraordinary! I am ordering mine this Friday .. are you?

Check out the video!!!

ColdFusion 10 Book Available For Pre-Order

The new ColdFusion 10 Book is finally available for pre-order. Unlike previous WACK books, this is a single edition book which is more like the 4th volume of the ColdFusion 9 WACK books as it details on what is new on ColdFusion 10.

The pre-order is for paperback only at the moment, I myself will wait until it is available in the iBook store or any other store that will sell the PDF version as I like that my library of books weighs the total amount of my iPad and no longer requires me breaking my back when I move ... SAVE THE TREES!!! LOL

THe pre-order link is as follow

ColdFusion 10 Book Pre-Order @ Amazon

ColdFusion 10 developer edition can now be accessed by any IP address

This is a cool little note about ColdFusion 10 which was news to me. As per the Adobe ColdFusion Blog ...

A small but significant change in ColdFusion 10 is around IP address restriction. Till ColdFusion 9, only two fixed IP addresses can access the developer edition of server. But this restriction is changed in ColdFusion 10. ColdFusion 10 developer edition can now be accessed concurrently by any two IP addresses. The restriction is on two concurrent request from any two IP addresses and not on which IP addresses.

You can see the original post @

ColdFusion Security Update

I am sure you all know by now but just in case, Adobe posted a new security hotfix yesterday the 11th. I am happy to say that I love doing these installs on ColdFusion 10, the updater makes it stupid simple, no more worries about missing a step on an install.

This update does apply to all versions of ColdFusion from 8 up so for you guys on 8 and 9, you still need to go thru the step process but for those of you on 10 just be nice and wait until after hours so your customers don;t go crazy that their websites go down while ColdFusion restarts itself :).

The hotfix is available @

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Windows 8 Installed

Well I previously installed Windows 8 but never got around to playing with it. Today I decided to install and start playing around with it. Now there is not much that I have done other than swipe thru screens and do some of the tips mentioned by Scott Hanselman especially since I am waiting for my MSDN subscription to become active. But I did want to comment on how nice .. yes I said nice .. the default landing page of IIS 8 is. I can't really remember the boring page from IIS6 and IIS& was kind of dull and dark but this one is just bright and inviting as you can see below.