Friday, September 14, 2012

Are you excited?

Well with only a few hours to go for the pre-orders to be available for the new iPhone I decided to check my AT&T account and their site apparently was having issues responding and then I got a new countdown landing page.

I do hope the sites are responsive come 3am as I would love this to be quick and painless (except for the pain in my wallet). Apparently AT&T won't be giving early adopters the reduced upgrade price, which in my opinion is bullshit and truly sucks. But honestly I have to say AT&T still offers the best service for iPhone as Verizon and Sprint still won't be able to give their users the ability to surf the internet and be on a call at the same time. Also, I love the new shared data plans for families, it has saved me over $60 a month and that is with adding the kids iPad to the plan.

Anyways, are you excited? Well, I am and you can call me a sheep or an Apple fan boy but I don't care, because the truth is I love Apple products and I will continue to support their ingenuity for as long as they keep creating amazing products.

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