Thursday, June 30, 2011

Boilerplate Templates

I am a big supporter of standards based development and pushing the envelope when I can. I also promote the use of various frameworks or templates that help you learn and succeed at best practices development. One of those is the html5boilerplate ( This template not only starts you off at a good point but has so many valuable tools and documentation to get you up to date.

With that being said there is another boilerplate that I ran into which I know a lot of us have a headache with especially if you are doing email campaigns and I am hoping it can help us create better html emails. This is the html email boilerplate (

Check both of these projects out, download them, heck fork them on GitHub if you think you can help them get even better!!!!


Thursday, June 09, 2011

Google's Tribute to Les Paul

I am sure you have all visited Google today and noticed that there is a strange image on the top that seems to represent electric guitar strings as displayed below. The cool thing is you can mouse over the strings and sound will play. Also, you can record a few seconds of music and share it via a short link provided by Google.

I personally think this is freaking awesome!!!!!

To listen to my little diddle click here.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Google maps v3 plugin for jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile

A new jQuery plugin that allows you to work with the Google Maps v3 API using jQuery click events instead of Google event listeners.

Very lightweight, highly customizable and works out of the box with jQuery mobile.