Saturday, June 16, 2007

Compression in IIS6.0

So today, I decided to begin messing around with a couple of things of which I will post about. This first one was compression in IIS 6.0, I know apache has built in modules for this, even some more that I will reference in the next entries, but I don't use apache, I use IIS, so here goes.
As I was searching for any reference to this subject I found an excellent one from Scott Forsyth, labeled "IIS Compression in IIS6.0". Anyway, since it is his teachings and not mine, I will not go into detail on how to do this process, I believe he deserves the credit and your attention so just click on the link to go to his blog entry. 
Just to prove that his walk thru works and that you can see for yourself, below are two images using Firebug. The page is a pretty simple page that I was using to test SES (Search Engine Safe) URL's (My next entry). You will notice the first one was originally 7k and the compressed version came thru at 2k. I know it is a small example but with a compression of over 60%, I can only assume great results are to come to all files of all sizes.
One more note, his final 2 lines show you how to enable and disable this feature to a specific site via the command line. It is instant no restart of the webserver required, the test I show below was done one after the other with that simple command. So in case it is giving you problems, you have the assurance that you can remove it on the fly.
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