Friday, March 12, 2010

Read this! New book from 37 Signals "Rework"

Yesterday, the wonderful guys at 37Signals released their latest book "Rework" which of course I bought and I am almost done reading, well actually listening to. I really admire this company and I get a lot of inspiration from them. I originally learned about them when I started using Basecamp. I went on to purchase and read their first book "Getting Real" which is now available for free to read online (Getting Real - Click here to read online). That book really helped me a lot in regards to how I develop and they as a company have inspired me to make certain decisions. Even though I have yet to finalize my execution of them, I am hard at work at doing them.

Well enough of that. Click here to find out more about ReWork and get your copy today! If you do decide to buy, be a kind person and click on one of my link below to purchase from amazon :-).

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