Tuesday, September 07, 2010

What is coldfusion.tagext.io.FileTag$FileUploadException?

I truly love the resources of the web. A simple Google search and I get my answer, so in the spirit of continuing to post similar messages in case someone else in the future needs it here goes ...

Had an interesting error come in today from our app stating the following:
or also Can't find resource for base name coldfusion/tagext/io/FileTag.FileUploadException.properties

Basically all this means is that your box is out of space and CF can not write any files. Empty out some space and everything will start to work again.

I'd like to thank wellings.eu for their post which helped me get this error fixed quick with minimum brain injury.



  1. This is the ONLY reference to this error I was able to find in all of google. You are awesome.

  2. Thank you tatrat66, I am glad it helped you!