Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SSL on Apache

Today I needed to install an SSL certificate on my local test machine (Mac/Apache) and it was my first time ever. I've been an IIS guy way too long and I love to develop on my Mac without having to bring up a Virtual Machine and little by little pulling away from my local dev server (the only windows box in my house after the switch back in 2003). BTW, the box will soon be a Mac Mini server as I am tired of that Dell Jet Engine in my living room.

Anyways, with a little help from Google I came up with this entry at O'Reilly's

With that and comparing my local httpd-ssl.conf to my user.conf file I was able to do effortlessly.

The reason I had to do a compare was because I didn't read the comments and the first comment spoke about the error I had which I figured out myself by copying over the local config.

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