Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Directory named manager in webroot not accessible in ColdFusion 10

So today I ran into another little ColdFusion 10 related problem. I am not calling it a bug because I guess it has its purpose but I am calling it a problem, because it has now become something I need to figure what to do with. Apparently if you have a site with a directory named manager from the root, so /manager/ you will get a 404 from Tomcat like displayed below.

Apparently Tomcat is giving another directory precedence over my local /manager folder. Now the fix is really easy, just rename my folder and all works but I wanted to find out what folder Tomcat was running instead of mine. After some tinkering, the folder is located in (based on single server install) ColdFusion10/cfusion/runtime/manager/. I believe this folder is for the Tomcat manager app, which I don't know much of since this is my first time really working with Tomcat so it is all a learning experience. Now, if I rename this folder to something other than manager and restart ColdFusion, then everything works great but I don't know if this will have a negative impact on ColdFusion. This is a development server so I will continue to play and test but maybe someone smarter will be able to comment here.

A couple of things I tried is doing a rewrite, but if the folder in the end that you are pointing to is /manager at your webroot it will fail but a manager folder 1 level or more deep is fine. So /app/manager/ will work without any problems.

I thought this was quite weird and some people may ask why did I call the directory /manager but at the time when this particular app was built it is what seemed right. Hope this answers someone else similar issue with a simple Google search.

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