Friday, August 31, 2012

ColdFusion 10 update 1 :: UPDATE

It appears the ColdFusion team has released the 1st update to ColdFusion 10 which appears to solve a lot of important issues, especially for those of us that relied on using friendly URLs and much more.

Find out more in the following tech note


The cgi.path_info problem is finally gone!!! The update thru the admin worked perfectly, I truly love this new feature! Now one thing to note, on my Mac I ran the update and did not have to do anything but on my windows machines I did have to reconfigure the sites using the Web Server Configuration Tool as they specify. I just opened it up, removed all IIS sites and then added them all back again. I guess it registers a new connector and everything works again. Now we can use our favorite frameworks (community or homegrown) without having to add the previous little hack I had blogged about. Thank you Adobe!

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  1. Hi Giancarlo,

    Thanks for your post on this issue. I've tried the same way you did. after updating the update1 from admin i re-configured my website using wsconfig.exe however the issue of cgi.path_info persist.

    I'm using IIS 7.5 on a standalone installation of CF10.

    Any suggestions?