Thursday, October 24, 2013

Help ColdFusion not starting Part 2

This is a follow up to my original post Help ColdFusion not working in the sky. I was basically having the same issue here at the ColdFusion Summit 2013, since my hostname continued to get automatically set when I would join the WIFI network. So each time I restarted my local ColdFusion server it would fail if it could not ping itself and I quickly got tired of adding aliases in my /etc/host file. I then decided to ask the question "Why does this happen" and apparently there is a setting on Mac that lets your Hostname get set automatically and this is located in the /etc/hostconfig file (if it is not there it is because it is the default setting - read more about this here).


Basically all you have to do is open that file and set it to the value you'd like and it will no longer get overwritten when joining networks. For example, I changed mine to the value I have in my sharing tab.


Now when I join new networks my hostname stays as is and I can restart ColdFusion as many times as I want without any more issues. On another note, I upgraded to Mavericks which introduced other headaches of ColdFusion not working which there is a temporary fix here. I will most likely post about this later but for now, it CF does not work for you it is due to the connector not working on Apache 2.2.4 which is what Mavericks comes with.

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