Thursday, December 03, 2015

ColdFusion Summit 2015 Presentation Slides and Code

A little late to post, but I just wanted to say that  this year was another great experience at the CFSummit. Thank you to everyone involved and all the great feedback and interaction after my presentation, it was a very humbling and gratifying experience. Not to mention it was in the presence of my eldest daughter, so I can only say thank you for making me look cool to her, if it was only for a moment :-).

This year I was able to delve more into SSL and Cluster support with enough time to execute some quick demos. Although, my presentation skills till need a little work so I can get a good pace and get the information within the time allowed, the experience alone gave me the desire to improve and present on more things I find important.

I think I may start working on a subject that is very important to me, which is web performance and I am not talking about backend code alone but more in regards to the things we can do to make sure our requests are served as fast as possible and as small as possible. More to come on that topic later, but for now below are the links to the code and slides for this year's presentation.



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