Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Invalid SSL on Chrome 58+ due to missing_subjectAltName

A friend of mine experienced this today and I referred him to a post that I used to fix the issue locally with my self-signed certificates when I first encountered it a month ago.

The author, Alexander Zeitler, goes thru the steps required to create your own CA (certificate authority) which is very handy when you want to just trust any certificate you create using it. Then he goes thru the steps for generating the SSL certificates using OpenSSL. In my own experience, I did not need the additional server config file he specifies, which I believe it was an issue with my version of OpenSSL but regardless it worked.

You can read thru the comments to find out more.

The link is :

He also wrote it on my birthday, so it was a nice gift. Thank you for sharing Alexander!

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