Monday, October 23, 2006


I am at max 2006!

Let me start by saying (typing) that the flight was delightful, Delta/Song is my new favorite airline. It felt as if I was a kid since the existence of nice flight attendace was there. Anyway, getting to the Venetian was very nice as well, the weather is great here. The only complain I have so far is that, with the amount of money I am paying here the gym costs an additional $35/day to attend. I do not see this as fair since I pay only $100/yr for my gym, so I will be running outside in the mornings.

Right now I am in my first pre-conference class "Building Flex Apps". I am pretty exited to get this animal down. Even though the class is a bit slow right now I have picked up some new knowledge and am looking forward to more as the class continues. Do not take this as a bad comment on the class, the teacher is great and I have to understand that everyone learns at their own speed.

Signing out for now from the MAX!


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