Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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Today another wonderful Mac event occurred with a couple of cool new things coming in the near future and even available today.

To start FaceTime for Mac!
How cool is this? Today it is available as a beta download. You need a couple of things to try it out - a mac and either an iPhone 4 or a new iPod touch.

Find out more here:

How about the Mac App Store!
Again, I think this is great and if all my mac app vendors get their apps up there it will make it easier for me to keep my apps up to date. I love it!

Find out more here:

A Lion is heading our way!
Well the rumors where correct, the next OS X release will be called Lion.

Find out more here:

Even though it is great to read and find out more with the links I provided, I recommend watching the event video, available at:
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Some other updates include updates to the MacBook Air.

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