Thursday, October 28, 2010

Get the old iTunes Back

This is a little tip I read this month from my MacWorld subscription that I thought would be great to share. Basically iTunes 10 adds many new features with one of them being a little controversial and that is the 3 little buttons we use to minimize, maximize and close. Unlike all other windows in our beloved OS X which show them horizontally, they decided to go vertical for this version. But if that is driving you crazy there is a solution!!!
Open up Terminal (Applications>Utilities> and type the following to go back to the old way.
When you restart iTunes you will see the buttons once again appear horizontal and you actually get a little more space on the top bar (which is handy if you tend to move iTUnes around a lot as it gives you more pixels to grab).
If you feel like you've become accustomed to the new way and want to go back, it is easy. Just type the following in Terminal and restart iTunes.

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