Thursday, March 08, 2012

ColdFusion 10 + CFBuilder 2.0.1 + RDS and a little Apache Issue

Hello everyone, this is a simple little post but it was extremely helpful to me when I found it.

I, for once, was trying to really get my local Mac to work with ColdFusion and CFBuilder, and what I mean by that is to get the debugger working and RDS, etc. Now I have done this before without a problem but only to look at my DB thru RDS on my remote development server (on windows) and not really played much with the debugger.

It is quite a funny thing to say now, but since I've been working a lot with .NET C# and mostly with MVC I have grown to love VS's debugger as they don't have something as nice as cfdump. So as I tried to do this today on my install I kept getting the following error from my CFBuilder.

"could not initialize class"

It was driving me insane and the answer was quite simple, if you are using apache with Virtual Hosts, which I am. Basically there is this one little line inside the mod_jk.conf file that you need to add to your VirtualHost entries, for me it was the localhost definition, just like the person I received the answer from.

JkMountFile "/Applications/ColdFusion10/config/wsconfig/1/"

Source: (Thank you Doug!!!!)


  1. Hello Gomez
    This message is very useful. thank all of you the man who fixes it.
    But I do not understand JkMountFile, where it is?.

  2. Gomez,

    Thank you for your post. It's driving me nut too.

  3. Awesome. Had been wondering what was wrong with Builder 2.0.1. All good now.

  4. Sorry, old thread - have you had any luck using the ColdFusion Debugger in CFB? I can connect via RDS, but trying to use the debugger gives me a "Read timed out" after 30 seconds.

    I'm _sure_ it was working when I first installed CF10, so not sure what the cause is - but possibly something to do with vhosts as well.

  5. thanks, helped a lot, one year later ;)